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Rap Moves - a dialogical hip-hop project A CD release, concerts and debates with young immigrant hip-hop artists.

The Centre is both a workplace and meeting place for staff, project participants, and users in general.The convention’s article 4, §8 states: “Interculturality refers to the existence and equitable interaction of diverse cultures and the possibility of generating shared cultural expressions through dialogue and mutual respect”.The Centre works to strengthen the creative potential that lies in the cultural encounter and the artistic and cultural hybridization this produces.• To enhance knowledge of and mutual respect for different cultures and artistic expressions through dialogue and exchange.• To contribute to Denmark playing an important role in relation to cultural diversity, in a Nordic and global perspective.

Web dating albertslund centret

• The Centre established an ambitious website and portal in 2009: dk.• The Steering Committee and the Centre have an outreaching, critical marketing strategy, which sets agendas and creates debate.Mission • To create a national platform for the development of a diverse artistic and cultural life through networking, exchanging experiences, and cooperation.• To develop intercultural skills in arts and cultural life.• Albertslund Municipality and the Steering Committee create an organisational framework: The Centre’s Board of Directors should have relevant expertise in interculturality, art, law and economy, and must be in dialogue with active networks within this area.

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At least two full-time staff members are to be appointed, and at least four consultants, who together will service the Centre’s clients: artists, municipalities / regions / the state, cultural institutions, and individuals.In 2010, CKI activity expanded to include consultancy work.In April 2010, CKI employed a development staff member with external consulting as her only task (read more at dk).• The Centre arranges meetings between networks of artists, researchers, projects and communicators, which form the core of the Centre’s work.• Albertslund Municipality, as project owner, is initiating a study of the specific needs of municipalities and cultural institutions in relation to intercultural competence development, project development, and the search for partners.

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