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Interview with Religionsrapporten, DR P1, as well as numerous interviews with other newspapers including international journals (The Irrawaddy, Far Eastern Economic Review) on Burma and Thailand. 237-269.1999 Nationalism as Political Paranoia in Burma. 2, July 2001, pp.12-16.2001b “Karen Notion of Environment - Space, Place and Power in a Political Landscape.” In Ebbe Poulsen, Flemming Skov, Sureeratna Lakanavichian, Sornprach Thanisawanyangkura, Henrik Borgtoft & Ole Høiris (eds.): Forest in Culture - Culture in Forest. Research Centre on Forest and People in Thailand: Bangkok. See further reports and papers on “Cosmology, Prophets, and Rebellion among the Buddhist Karen in Burma”. 300.2007a Introduction: “Ethnicity against the State – State against Ethnic Diversity”, Ibid. 1-33.2007b “Christian Conversion and Identity: The Formation of Karen Ethnic Identity in Burma.” Ibid. 227-258.2007c “Thaksin the Orphan and the King: Contested Moral Leadership as seen by Poor Buddhist Karen.” In Niasnytt Asia Insights, No. External communication: Workshop for the Danish Refugee Organization on Burmese refugees in Denmark, January 2010 and in 2013). In Moussons no.4:3-31, (Social Science Research on Asia, Université de Provence, France.)2004 “Ethnic Conflict, Reconciliation and Panglong Revisited.” In Seminar on Democracy, Constitution and National Reconciliation. 3: 19-22.2008a “Moving from the Edge – Karen Strategies of Modernizing Tradition.” In Prasit Leepreecha, Kwanchewan Buadaeng and Don Mc Caskill (eds): Indigenous Peoples of the Mekong Region. Talks in Rotary, Skagen 16 October 2014 and in Skive 4 November on Burma/Myanmar Peer reviews Manuscripts for NIAS Press; articles for Ethnic & Racial Studies, the Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, Australian Journal of Religion, Journal of religious History, Asian Studies Review, SOAS Bulletin, Asian Ethnicity; Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs, Aséanie, Ethnicities, Sojourn, among others; review of project proposals for Danida; Ph D proposals and examinations, Chiang Mai University, SOAS and ANU. Book manuscripts Cornell University Press and Berghans. Centre for East and Southeast Asian Studies, Copenhagen University.1996a “Questioning Autocracy in Burma: Buddhism between Traditionalism and Modernism.” In David Westerlund (Ed.): Questioning the Secular State: The Worldwide Resurgence of Religion in Politics.

In Thailand: Cooperation with scholars from Chiang Mai University: Faculty of Social Science (Dept. Second, corrected edition of Exploring Ethnic Diversity in Burma. ‘Waiting for a Righteous Ruler – Karen Royal Imaginary in Thailand and Burma.’ Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, 43, 2, pp 340-363, June 2012. "Spiritual Politics, Political Religion, and religious Freedom in Burma." The Review of Faith & International Affairs, Vol. Folkeuniversitetet 2012-2013, lectures on Buddhism, Copenhagen and Aarhus. Organized by the Danish Burma Committee 23-28 May, 2004. Forster singles Consultant, Danish Television & Danida on the Christmas calendar for children (December 2013) funding Burmese schools. 100 participants on the civil war in Burma at DIIS Copenhagen 23 September 20014. Grants from the Research Fund, AU; Humanities Research Council 1970 and FKK 2005; the Carlsberg Fund 2003. Horstmann and Jin-heon Jung (eds.): Building Noah's Ark: Refugees, Migrants and Religious Communities. 25, In Preparation for Journal of Burma Studies Vol. Grant from Research Council of Humanities (FKK) 2009-2012).

Thai dating danmark Aarhus

Selected Publications in English:1994 "The Karen Ethnic Minority in the Thai Nation. From Destructive Hill Tribe to Utopian Conservationists". Interviews with officers from the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army, Burma (DKBA), the vice general secretary of KNU. in Social Anthropology and Ethnography, Aarhus University; Ph D equivalent 1985. Selected publications in Danish:2014: ”Burma of Sri Lanka: Truer buddhistisk nationalisme og vold demokratiet? thai dating danmark Aarhus-54thai dating danmark Aarhus-90thai dating danmark Aarhus-61 Cooperation with Dan Church Aid on the border to Burma. Employment1975-1985: Ekstern Lektor and Adjunktvikar (Lecturer); 1985 Associate Professor in the Dep. Professional Activities: 1970-72 Fieldwork in Thailand affiliated to the Scandinavian Institute of Asian Studies research station in Lampang. “Building Moral Communities in an Uncertain World – a Karen Buddhist lay Community in Northern Thailand.” (Paper prepared for the Thai-Studies Conference, Sidney, April 2014), pp. (2015) “Karen and the Ceasefire Negotiations- Mistrust, Internal Segmentation and Clinging to Arms”. For additional information or ticket change inquiry, passengers may contact THAI Contact Center at 66(0)2-356-1111 or THAI sales offices in Fukuoka, Japan at 81 (0) 570-064-015 Please enter the reservation code and the name standing on the booking to view and/or manage the booking details such as select/change seat, special meal, specify Royal Orchid Plus number, contact information.

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