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Schmidt “Phantom of the Opera” or “Sex and the City”? - Quasi-experimental Evidence on the Effects of Home Invitation on Mammography Uptake Nr 490 Giesecke, M. Roos How Do Fair Value Measurements of Financial Instruments Affect Investments in Banks?

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Fast, Approximate MCMC for Bayesian Analysis of Large Data Sets: A Design Based Approach Nr 659 Belke, A., C. Gros Business Cycle Synchronization in the EMU: Core vs. Analyzing Further Training Participation Rates across Waves in the NEPS Data Nr 654 Bredtmann, J., F. Otten Remittances and the Brain Drain: Evidence from Microdata for Sub-Saharan Africa Nr 653 Bensch, G., M. Adaptation to Climate Variability – Evidence from German Households Nr 624 Vomhof, M. Smaga (When) Should a Non-Euro Country Join the Banking Union? – New Evidence Based on Interest Rate Differentials Nr 599 Bachmann, R. Frings Monopsonistic Competition, Low-Wage Labour Markets, and Minimum Wages – An Empirical Analysis Nr 598 Bachmann, R., M. Schaffner The Effect of Minimum Wages on Labour Market Flows – Evidence from Germany Nr 597 Höckel, L., M. Stöhr Can Parental Migration Reduce Petty Corruption in Education? Evidence from Employees’ Training Participation Nr 617 Le Sage, J. Shin Crowdsourcing of Economic Forecast – Combination of Forecasts Using Bayesian Model Averaging Nr 545 Bünnings, C., H. Labor Market Returns to College Education with Vocational Qualifications Nr 632 Hentschker, C. Wübker The Impact of Technology Diffusion in Health Care Markets – Evidence from Heart Attack Treatment Nr 631 Kelle, M. Wübker Weight Loss and Sexual Activity in Adult Obese Individuals: Establishing a Causal Link Nr 560 Kitlinski, T. Sievert Does Large Scale Infrastructure Investment Alleviate Poverty? Witte Do Youth Employment Programs Improve Labor Market Outcomes? Financial Literacy – A Barrier to Seek Financial Advice but not a Shield Against Following it Nr 633 Rzepka, S. Low Cost Solar Kits and Household’s Welfare in Rural Rwanda Nr 553 Görlitz, K. Tamm The Pecuniary and Non-pecuniary Returns to Voucher-financed Training Nr 552 Görlitz, K. Tamm Parenthood and Risk Preferences Nr 551 Füllbrunn, S.

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An Experimental Investigation Nr 527 Hentschker, C. Mennicken Selective-referral and Unobserved Patient Heterogeneity – Bias in the Volume-outcome Relationship Nr 526 Dudel, C. A Spatial-temporal Analysis Using Quantile Regression Nr 521 Kihm, A. Vance The Determinants of Equity Transmission Between the New and Used Car Markets – A Hedonic Analysis Nr 520 Belke, A. Böing Sacrifice Ratios for Euro Area Countries – New Evidence on the Costs of Price Stability Nr 519 Frondel, M., K. Zwick Environmental Management Systems – Does Certification Pay? Mergers and Acquisitions in the German Hospital Market – Who are the Targets? Explaining Differentials in Subsidy Levels among Hospital Ownership Types in Germany Nr 516 Pilny, A. Mennicken Does Hospital Reputation Influence the Choice of Hospital? A Smooth Transition Approach Nr 501 Bredtmann, J., C. Do Macroeconomic Shocks Affect Intuitive Inflation Forecasting? Korfhage Long-term Care Insurance and Carers’ Labor Supply - A Structural Model Nr 514 Kleibrink, J. – Negative Health Effects from Non-Optimal Employment Nr 513 Olekseyuk, Z. Schürenberg-Frosch Are Armington Elasticities Different across Countries and Sectors? Work and Well-Being of Informal Caregivers in Europe Nr 511 Micheli, M., J. Dekkers Border Effects in House Prices Nr 510 Kunze, L. Altruism Heterogeneity and Quality Competition Among Healthcare Providers Nr 506 Baur, D., J. Czudaj Gold Price Forecasts in a Dynamic Model Averaging Framework – Have the Determinants Changed Over Time? Age at First Birth and Educational Attainment in Indonesia Nr 502 Beckmann, J., T. Czudaj Does Gold Act as a Hedge or a Safe Haven for Stocks? Otten The Effect of Gender Equality on International Soccer Performance Nr 500 Rühl, T. Moghadam Evolutionary Stability in Asymmetric Oligopoly. single chat kostenlos Bochum-47single chat kostenlos Bochum-1single chat kostenlos Bochum-40 Stroka Do Elderly Choose Nursing Homes by Quality, Price or Location? Fukushima and the German Housing Market Nr 432 Klohn, F.

– Public Health Insurance versus Informal Transfer Networks in Ghana Nr 431 Beckmann, J. Czudaj Is there a Homogeneous Causality Pattern between Oil Prices and Currencies of Oil Importers and Exporters? Personality Traits and the Perception of Macroeconomic Indicators Nr 423 Haisken-De New, J. Causal Effects of Educational Mismatch in the Labor Market Nr 420 Breidenbach, P. Mitze The Long Shadow of Port Infrastructure in Germany – Cause or Consequence of Regional Prosperity? Estimating Earnings Assimilation of Immigrants to Germany – Evidence from a Double Cohort Model Nr 629 Okoampah, S. Westphal Heterogeneity in Marginal Non-Monetary Returns to Higher Education Nr 590 Andor, M., M. Vance Installing Photovoltaics in Germany: A License to Print Money? Spillover Effects of Local Human Capital Stock on Adult Obesity – Evidence from German Neighborhoods Nr 584 Geyer, J., P. Korfhage Indirect Fiscal Effects of Long-term Care Insurance Nr 583 Kind, M. A Meta Analysis of Recent Active Labor Market Program Evaluations Nr 571 Andreella, C., M. Rural Electrification and Domestic Violence in Sub–Saharan Africa Nr 569 Belke, A., D. Osowski Planned Fiscal Consolidations and Growth Forecast Errors - New Panel Evidence on Fiscal Multipliers Nr 568 Duttle, K. Implications of Product Variety and Caloric Needs Nr 565 Oeking, A. Zwick On the Relation between Capital Flows and the Current Account Nr 564 Zwick, L. A Lifecycle Analysis Using Panel Quantile Regression Nr 562 Ibarrarán, P., J. With or Without You - Do Financial Data Help to Forecast Industrial Production? Wage Growth, Urbanization, and Firm Characteristics - Evidence for Germany Nr 630 Okoampah, S. Roberts Policy Evaluation, Randomized Controlled Trials, and External Validity – A Systematic Review Nr 588 Peters, J., A. Sievert Preferences over Bank and Family Loans in Rural Rwanda Nr 587 Engel, D., M. Eckl Systemic Aspects of R&D Policy - Subsidies for R&D Collaborations and Their Effects on Private R&D Nr 586 Belke, A., U. Setzer Regional Bank Efficiency and its Effect on Regional Growth in “Normal” and “Bad” Times Nr 585 Dang, R. Westphal The Long Shadows of Past Insults - Intergenerational Transmission of Health over 130 Years Nr 570 Sievert, M. Rosas Shady Experimental Evidence on the Long-Term Impacts of a Youth Training Program Nr 561 Reichert, A. The Robustness of the Effects of Public Investment in Infrastructure on Private Output: Evidence for Germany Nr 559 Kitlinski, T. an de Meulen The Role of Targeted Predictors for Nowcasting GDP with Bridge Models: Application to the Euro Area Nr 558 Kitlinski, T. Schmidt The Political Economy of Public Investment when Population is Aging – A Panel Cointegration Analysis Nr 556 Peters, J. Sievert Impacts of Rural Electrification Revisited – The African Context Nr 555 Lenz, L., A. Impacts of Rwanda’s Electricity Access Roll-Out Program Nr 554 Grimm, M., A. Young FSU Migrants in Germany: Educational Attainment and Early Labor Market Outcomes Nr 424 Orland, A. Kleibrink Walking Wounded – The Causal Welfare Loss of Underemployment through Overeducation Nr 422 Kind, M. Kleibrink Sooner or Later – Economic Insecurity and the Timing of First Birth Nr 421 Kleibrink, J. Impact of a Low Interest Rate Environment - Global Liquidity Spillovers and the Search-for-yield Nr 428 Beckmann, J., A. Kühl Foreign Exchange Market Interventions and the $-¥ Exchange Rate in the Long-Run Nr 427 Beckmann, J., A. Verheyen Exchange Rate Pass-through into German Import Prices – A Disaggregated Perspective Nr 426 Schmitz, H. Westphal Short- and Medium-term Effects of Informal Care Provision on Health Nr 425 Flake, R.

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