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The unique status of USMLM enabled it to observe, photograph and evaluate numerous activities of a significant portion of the Soviet and East German armed forces in the Soviet Zone of Germany. All officer replacements were fluent in the Russian language and most had a working knowledge of German.

By observation and reporting of new equipment tactics, combat practises and troop dispositions by the Army, Navy and Air elements, USMLM remained the most important overt collection agency available to the US intelligence community to maintain surveillance of Soviet and East German activities in the Soviet Zone of Germany. Five of the six newly assigned Army officers were USA Field Detachment "R" graduates.

The survival statistics are not very promising if you end up in the cold water at this time of year.

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The Coast Guard will worry about getting the information to the appropriate parties - so make sure you get the location information and identification out.Prior to your visit, we recommend you request the latest information via telephone, email or from the internet pages of the respective provider.I’m sure that not many of us are carrying cold water survival suits so it is important to know what we are facing and take every step to lessen our risk.They levy collection requirements, assign priorities and provide special collection guidance for Navy and Air Force intelligence targets. At present 14 accreditations are held as follows: III. (C) During 1964 USMLM successfully accomplished its dual mission.It remained the only direct channel of communication between the US and the USSR in East Germany, and the only area where American military observers could observe, photograph and appraise a combat-ready Soviet military force in the field.

Secret partnerborse Potsdam

During the year it was involved in 8 incidents and 32 detentions. Copies of 643 separate intelligence reports and 79,862 photographic prints were forwarded by USMLM, in addition to the daily TWX and numerous replies to specific requests for information. (S) Mission travel in East Germany presented numerous challenges and problems and occasionally produced dangers approaching combat conditions.Observations of Soviet and East German armed forces continued to provide Headquarters USAREUR-USNAVEUR-USAFE with information based on personal observations of their own personnel who remained immediately responsive to the needs of those respective headquarters. OFFICER PERSONNEL: Seven officer replacements arrived in 1964, to include one Air force and six Army officers.Most replacement officers arrive at USMLM after having spent two years in Europe at Detachment "R", which allows them one year with USMLM to complete a normal three-year overseas tour, and up to three years if they avail themselves of the full extension. ENLISTED PERSONNEL: The transition to the new centralized enlisted procurement system resulted in some unexpected difficulties. secret partnerborse Potsdam-40secret partnerborse Potsdam-49secret partnerborse Potsdam-30 In several cases replacements were unqualified physically or by temperament or training for service with USMLM.Through the efforts of Berlin Brigade, USAREUR and DA, the enlisted personnel assignment problem was brought under control, and by the end of the year USMLM was again receiving top-caliber personnel. Repeatedly, the specially-equipped Ford sedan proved itself ragged enough to move on trails and cross-country and fast enough to elude surveillance.

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In January 1964, USMLM had six 1962 Ford Galaxie Sedans and six 1963 Ford Galaxie Sedans.

The USMLM intelligence-gathering program with its refined reconnaissance methods and efficient reporting system was of great importance to the US intelligence effort. (C) Events and activities involving USMLM participation were diverse and often of international significance, resulting in 65 meetings with representatives of GSFG during the course of the year. (C) During the year cordial operational and social relations were maintained with British and French Military Liaison Missions, as well as with US intelligence agencies and units located in Berlin. (C) A revised Permanent Restricted Areas (PRA) map, comprising approximately one-third of the Soviet Zone, was issued by GSFG, and ten Temporary Restricted Areas (TRA) maps denied additional large areas to Mission travel for considerable periods.

The number of Mission restriction signs continued to increase throughout the Soviet Zone and the task of intelligence collection became more difficult. (S) USMLM spent 645 tour days in the soviet Zone in 1964, and traveled 193,669 miles.

Glienicker Brücke, the bridge that connects the state capital of Potsdam with the federal capital of Berlin, was one of the most renowned monuments of the Cold War up to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Until the political change in 1989, Glienicke Bridge was not only a prominent border village, but also a point of exchange for secret agents of both political systems who had been taken prisoner.

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