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Jurriaan Maessen February 6, 2009The concept of breeding human beings for nefarious purposes is far from a novelty. Monarchs throughout history have studied the hide and texture of the creature called eugenics, poking its skin with a pitchfork and finally piercing it, revealing black pus streaming of its scales.

The questionable art of breeding human livestock was cultivated to its very extreme by different royal houses of (mostly) German descent festering all over the European continent.

As only a German blueblood could devise, the king forced his rapidly shrinking collection to interbreed with equally tall women so as to build a future army of giants, which would be the envy of Europe’s upper-class.Frederick would sometimes preside over these racking sessions while enjoying his lunch at the same time.However absurd and cruel this method, it revealed the king’s stalwart fervour in all things unethical.If one had the misfortune of being of modest means or descent, the conduct of the Prussian agents was altogether different: in this case they were given carte blanch to simply abduct the person in question, bring them before the Prussian king to be inspected, stamped with the royal seal and subsequently enslaved.It would sometimes occur that his agents were so eager in carrying out their assignment that their prey would not survive the brutal journey to the Prussian throne.

Secret casual dating app Potsdam

One of the first to venture into the world of methodical eugenics, king Frederick encountered the same difficulties as his future counterparts.When it became apparent that this method resulted in the death of the giants instead of gaining even one inch in length, he ended the practice lest he run out of giants before he could breed new ones.These operations were enforced by all major powers, and spearheaded by the British and the Germans. secret casual dating app Potsdam-78secret casual dating app Potsdam-77secret casual dating app Potsdam-9 After the Nazis were supplanted by the rising fronts in the East and the West, both invading allies put all of their own eugenic sins on the back of the thoroughly slain bad guy (of course a lot of SS-demons were captured only to be pampered somewhere in South-America or the U. 1945 meant the end of old Germany, not necessarily of the Nazis, who were given their own playing ground in super secret facilities on the other side of the Atlantic.Here he actually attempted to breed a ‘new man’, and it is said that the city of Potsdam, lair of the Hohenzollerns, was littered with unusually tall men at the end of the 18th century as a result. They fell victim to the elite’s bloodthirsty appetite and unwittingly became one of the first to be sacrificed on the altar of eugenics.

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