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crashed at Gramaialm near Pertisau, Tyrol, W Austria and burst into flames after the impact.

The accident may have been caused by colliding with a cableway, but it is currently subject of investigation.

63-year-old pilot o.k., 1 passenger on board minor injured--- MBB BK117 of DRF - Luftrettung operating as Air Ambulance 02 from Güttin auf Rügen Airfield crashed into the Baltic Sea about 2 kms off the coast from Darßer Ort, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, NE Germany, while on a training mission.All 5 on board o.k, whilst trying to take-off for a flight to Rechlin/Lärz Airport. online dating danmark Thisted The accident occured on the ground shortly after increasing the collective pitch to 17 inch, when suddenly the helicopter suffered a dynamic rollover.--- 269C suffered an inflight engine failure with a total loss of engine power whilst on aerial photography duty.The pilot managed to autorotate the helicopter on a field at Delitzsch, Saxonia, E Germany, however the helicopter rolled to the side and suffered significant damaged. --- Russian helicopter pilot Sergey Ananov was on a solo around-the-world-flight and halfway between Iqualuit and Nuuk when his R22 ditched in the Davis Strait.

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The pilot managed to immediately land the helicopter.Initial assessment reveals bucket, helicopter tail and one main rotor blade damage. (dmg) --- BK117 of DRF - Luftrettung operating as Christoph 51 was damaged shortly after landing at Stuttgart/Mitte - Klinikum (- Katharinenhospital) rooftop Helipad when a 53-year-old employee of the Katharinenhospital was fatally hit by the rotating tailrotor.The cause of the crash was reportedly a mechanical failure.(w/o) --- MBB BK117B2 in service as Christoph 53 was damaged at its base Mannheim/Neuostheim Airport by severe weather when the helicopter was blown from its ground handling platform by heavy winds. (dmg)--- AS350B2 Ecureuil suffered an aerial electrical cable collision following water discharge during fire-fighting operations.At an altitude of about 3.800ft the R22 levelled off and the engine gradually lost power.

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