Match dating Nyborg

Brandenburg, Poland and Austria then also joined the war against the Swedes.

match dating Nyborg

The Swedish King maintained that his main goal was to invade Royal Prussia, but he also wanted to punish Frederick William of Brandenburg-Prussia.However, the Danish statesman Hannibal Sehested negotiated a peace treaty without any direct involvement by foreign powers and the conflict was resolved with the Treaty of Copenhagen, where Sweden was forced to return Bornholm to Denmark and Trøndelag to Norway. gratis chat sider for unge Aalborgdating regler København The treaty of 1660 established political borders between Denmark, Sweden and Norway which have lasted to the present day.This would allow Sweden to control the Baltic Sea and bring in large customs revenues.However, even this ambitious goal was just to be stepping stone towards the ultimate plan of a quick conquest of Denmark so that the Swedes could wage a campaign in Europe without risking Danish interference.

Match dating Nyborg

The surprising Swedish solution to this dilemma would be to return to Denmark in an attempt to finish the job.When the Danish stalled and prolonged the fulfillment of some provisions of the earlier peace treaty the Swedish king decided to use this as a pretext to attack with a breathtaking goal: to vanquish Denmark as a sovereign state, raze the capital of Copenhagen and divide the country into four administrative regions.With the death of the Swedish king, one of the major obstacles to peace was gone and the Treaty of Oliva was signed with the Allies (the Poland, Austria and Brandenburg). match dating Nyborg-42match dating Nyborg-46match dating Nyborg-60 However, the Danes were not keen on peace after their recent successes and witnessing the weakness of the Swedish efforts.Charles X of Sweden had concluded the earlier war with Denmark with a stunning victory by succeeding in the bold March across the Belts.

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