Latin dating Silkeborg

And a number of guests did it instead of paying a visit to one of the real circuses!The tent uses by Circus Summarum was rented from Circus Arena which due to this was less annoyed with the competition than other circuses.

latin dating Silkeborg

The occasion was that Circus Arena once again presents the act for which Moreno was famous: Circus under water. One of them is that he every year want to create a classic circus performance in line with other top performances across Europe.The reason was technical problems with the equipment. single chat kostenlos Freiburg im Breisgau But actually it was a good idea, giving plenty of space to the large animal acts in the last section.After that this year’s clown TITO MEDINA had his first reprice.It was wonderful to meet a clown, who not had to drag innocent people from the audience into the ring to arouse amusement.

Latin dating Silkeborg

There was a double wheel of death, presented by DIORIO’S BRAZILIAN DEVILS; there was the clown JIMMY FOLCO and finally, the SHANDONG TROUPE with foot juggling with elements from Risley acts.As in 2010 Circus Arena’s winter quarter in Aarslev was open to the public during the winter holidays, summer holidays and autumn holidays.Circus Land, as it is called, offered training of circus animals in the training ring, magic show, sea lion show, pony rides, circus theatre, playground, museum, etc.and in summer short performances in Circus Landino. Once again Diana Benneweis and her team, including Jan Hertz who had staged the performance and equestrian director Marek Benneweis, had created an excellent performance.Among other things the economic crisis meant reduced sales in kiosks, which is part of a circus' revenue base.

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