Latin dating Allerød

Dire wolf remains have been found across a broad range of habitats including the plains, grasslands, and some forested mountain areas of North America, and in the arid savannah of South America.

The sites range in elevation from sea level to 2,255 m (7,400 ft).

latin dating Allerød

The good King Harald brought Christianity to Scandinavia and also "united" Denmark and Norway.These characteristics are thought to be adaptations for preying on Late Pleistocene megaherbivores, and in North America its prey are known to have included horses, sloths, mastodons, bison, and camels.As with other large Canis hypercarnivores today, the dire wolf is thought to have been a pack hunter.During his rule, Denmark and Norway were Christianised and united, so Ericsson used the analogy that he "allowed greater communication between people" when naming their wireless communication protocol. Apparently Bluetooth was a Danish King who was particularly good at getting people to work together.Given that the Bluetooth wireless system is aimed at helping people use their phones with PCs, printers and other gadgets, it was felt to be an appropriate name.

Latin dating Allerød

My wife, who works as a naming consultant, tells me that it does come from a viking king.The other obvious links from the name are blue from 'blue chip' and tooth as it is software which binds together various hardware (I believe).When coming up with names for products and companies, firms have to bear in mind the fact that almost all words in the Oxford dictionary have already been registered as domain names, hence the recent trend toward historical names, Latin or the terrible made-up ones. latin dating Allerød-54latin dating Allerød-35 Ericsson originally called their technology 'Bluetooth' after Harald Bluetooth, who was king of Denmark between 940 and 981.Similarly modern bluetooth technology 'unites' separate computers, machines and electronic gadgets.

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