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Professor A year’s worth of activities will mark Viterbo’s 125th anniversary. Bahr understands the 21 V-HAWK ATHLETICS importance of scholarships in the lives of promising 24 ALUMNI students pursuing careers in 32 SPOTLIGHTS science.

34 CLASS NOTES 37 IN MEMORIAM For aspiring scientists, her 40 UP CLOSE scholarship will make a huge Learn more about retiring English faculty member Lyon Evans. 41 FROM THE ARCHIVES STRIDES is published by the Viterbo University Office of Communi cations and Marketing.

Postmaster and others, please send change of address correspondence to: Office of Institutional Advancement, Viterbo a scholarship?

University, 900 Viterbo Drive, La Crosse, WI 54601 or email [email protected]

als who personify the mission, Retiring English professor Lyon values, and culture of their Evans reflects on his 30-year institutions.The ar- “We’ll be able to dedicate a lot of are stationed exclusively in Viterbo’s rangement is being billed as one of time to build relationships with a lot Washburn Neighborhood in an effort the first public-private partnerships of people we’re not able to do on daily to foster neighborhood revitalization of this kind in Wisconsin. using a new community policing joined forces with Mayo Clinic Health That approach also applies to work- model.System-Franciscan Healthcare to fund ing with area children and the Mathy The plans were formally laid out the two community resource officer Center Boys and Girls Club provides a at a press conference Feb. They are fresh opportunity to be role models to officers Nate Poke and Dan Ulrich located in the neighborhood, operat- youth who are members there.Viterbo graduates, tells of births, weddings, career advance- My travels and interactions with Viterbo alumni provide ments, and other important milestones.wonderful opportunities to listen to their stories of days at Thank you to our storytellers—those of you who shared Viterbo.

Kristen dating side holstebro volleyball

At the press conference, President Artman welcomed the developments. We know students and parents are concerned with safety.We want a safe and secure neighborhood.” Poke, who has been with the police department for three years and Ulrich, for six, plan to spend some time on Viterbo’s campus, perhaps exercising President Rick Artman welcomes police officers Nate Poke and Dan Ulrich to the neighborhood at at the Mathy Center or attending a a press conference in February. Two La Crosse area police officers were formally introduced.Pride and joy engulf the auditorium, confirming that new and wonderful chapters in the stories of our graduates are about to be written. That invariably for this issue of Strides, I am means stories about people; reminded of the power of story. kristen dating side holstebro volleyball-18kristen dating side holstebro volleyball-90kristen dating side holstebro volleyball-77 people who made a difference Every accomplished speaker decades ago and shaped the knows the secret of hooking an future of careers, families, and audience lies in telling a good communities. Stories of founders and are creating their stories each heroines, saints and scoundrels, day while completing an intern- pioneers and inventors line ship, participating in a medical bookshelves and capture our mission trip, or making their attention.Comments and inquiries may be directed to the Office of Communications and Marketing. For more information on Viterbo University, see our website at

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