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In this contribution, we present a wavelength-sensitive method for the detection of extreme ultraviolet (XUV) photon energies between 30 e V and 120 e V.

The method is based on 45° reflectivity from either a cesium iodide-coated or an uncoated metal surface, which directs the XUV beam onto an electron or ion detector and its signal is used to monitor the XUV beam.

gratis singleportal Darmstadt

The NUSTAR collaboration is devoted to the study of NUclear STructure, Astrophysics, and Reactions.Using, e.g., a toroidal mirror, the XUV beam can be focused to interact with atomic or molecular media.Electrons and ions created in the interaction region can be detected.Bitte kontaktieren Sie die Geschäftsstelle, um sich über die Möglichkeit der Mitarbeit bei unseren nächsten Projekten zu erkundigen, oder kommen Sie einfach bei einer der nächsten Proben vorbei.Unsere kostenlose Singlebrse bietet eine einfache sowie sichere Art um neue Leute zu treffen bzw.

Gratis singleportal Darmstadt

In the presence of increased IR light, the total counts in this temporal window increase from 9 to 36, which is only ~10) For the stainless steel surface, the IR reflectivity is higher. Chicago/Turabian Style Hoffmann, Andreas; Egelkamp, Christian; Winters, Danyal; Kühl, Thomas; Spielmann, Christian. Therefore, the counts between 780 ns and 800 ns are more pronounced and increase from 1778 to 17,981, which is more than 1% of the total counts. You can also change the view style at any point from the main header when using the pages with your mobile device.Principle scheme of pump-probe experiments with XUV (extreme ultraviolet) and IR (infrared) pulses.When an IR beam is used for time-resolved measurements, a second metal foil filter must be used to protect the CCD (charge-coupled device) of the XUV spectrometer.

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