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an academically-oriented general upper secondary education which leads to an upper secondary school exit examination is offered at approximately 140 gymnasiums of varying size, distributed all over Denmark.

In order to be admitted to the first year of the Gymnasium, pupils must have completed the 9th year of primary school.

The idea of the subject is to form a basis for language related subjects throughout the gymnasium. The purpose of that subject is to introduce the student to a three main areas of study the gymnasium deals with: the humanities, social science and natural science.This qualifies a student for admission to higher education Preparatory, subject to the special entrance regulations applying to the individual higher education programmes. suche fickdate Essen Colloquially gymnasium refers to what is formally called STX.There are certain requirements as to how many subjects each student has to take and at how high levels.For instance, all students have to take at least four subjects at level A (there are two compulsory subjects at this the highest level: Danish and History), and all students have to take a natural science subject at level B.

Gratis online dating Thisted

The elective subjects are: astronomy, biology, biotechnology, business economics, chemistry, computer science, design, drama, Greek, media-subject, Latin, music, physical geography, philosophy, psychology, rhetorics, study of technology, visual arts, and others.It is also possible to study a third and even a fourth foreign language.Dance are more individuals and communicate mostly with people they know. Know more about Dance and find your Danish love via Live Date Search using Live Video/ Audio chat.The Danish Gymnasium offers a 3-year general academically-oriented upper secondary programme which builds on the 9th-10th form of the Folkeskole and leads to the upper secondary school exit examination (the studentereksamen). The country consists of a large peninsula and many islands and borders 2 seas: Baltic and the North Sea and 3 countries of Euro zone Sweden, Norway, Germany. Danes has a rich cultural heritage and they are very proud of it.

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Equality are important aspects of the Danish way of life.

to name a few) offer the classical line (den klassiske linje or den klassisksproglige linje, "the line of classical languages") consisting of Latin and Ancient Greek, the subjects of classical philology, at A level.

The goal of the line is a thorough understanding of the languages, works, world view, etc.

This is a homage to older times when gymnasiums were known as "Latin schools" due to the prominent role of Latin at the time.

The original graduation cap of this age was black, and thus it has become tradition for graduates with Latin and/or Ancient Greek to choose a black (albeit modern) version of the graduation cap (though a black cap in the original style is also an option).

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