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Another pour-over wave under the bridge, on the left side, is called Torpedowalze, or Torpedo Hole.

gratis kontaktseiten Regensburg

Using a technique which has never been duplicated, the streambed of the Eiskanal canoe slalom channel was made of sculpted concrete, with simulated boulders being an integral part of the uneven channel floor.The Augsburg Eiskanal is an artificial whitewater river in Augsburg, Germany, constructed as the canoe slalom venue for the 1972 Summer Olympics in nearby Munich.The first artificial whitewater course of its kind, it introduced the sport of canoe slalom (using decked canoes and kayaks) to the Olympic Games.The rock island below the bridge is called Moby Dick, after the fictional whale.At the last of the hinged deflectors, on the left wall, the right half of the channel is a pour-over.

Gratis kontaktseiten Regensburg

The Hochablass (High Drain) dam on the north-flowing Lech river south of Augsburg dates back to 1647. The dam diverts river water into the Hauptstadtbach (Capital Creek) which branches into the many canals of the Augsburg Lech district as it flows through the town.In Medieval times, the canals were used for drinking water, water wheel operation, and sewage disposal.By the 1950s, the Eiskanal was already in use as a canoe slalom venue, but its slope was much less than that of the mountain streams commonly used in the sport.When the 1972 Olympic Games were awarded to Munich, a plan was devised to create a much steeper artificial whitewater rapid by constructing a 300-meter-long channel connecting the Eiskanal section of Capital Creek directly back to the Lech river.However, because of the expense of building artificial rivers and supplying them with water, canoe slalom was missing from the next four Summer Olympics.

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