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And during the Swedish and British Wars, the Storstrømmen crossing was guarded from the island.

The house has served as hostel and museum through the years.Experience an open estate that is happy to show off their animals and fields. Finally taste the result in our dairy shop, where you, besides the Manor’s own products, also can find products from other regional farms.Both children and adults will enjoy a visit to Knuthenlund.In the Middle Ages, the narrow waters in front of the castle have been used frequently by sea travellers, who in both war and peace, had business to do in the most important royal castle in Denmark. Here, directly by the water, you find an old military installation from 1904, which today houses changing arts exhibitions. There are a lot of small paths through the residential area, leading to the beach and the large green areas, which in 2008 were given the "Blue Flag" Masnedø Fort(Masnedø Fortification) For more than a thousand years, the waters around Masnedø have played a key role in the warfare of the various ruling kings.It was at Masnedø, that the entire fleet gathered before Bishop Absalon’s expeditions against the Wends of Rügen.

Free dating dk Lolland

You can take the delicacies home or enjoy them at the tables, set up along the canal; or you can also enjoy yourself at one of the town’s wonderful restaurants or cafés.Karrebæksminde and Enø offers wonderful nature experiences for the whole family.Today the building houses the private doll’s collection. free dating dk Lolland-87 and your family can have lots of laughs, adrenaline kicks and happy times in this amusement park.It is situated right outside Næstved by Holme-Olstrup.

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