En date dk Langeland

A bridge connects it to Tåsinge via Siø - a small island with a population of approx.

20 - and the main island of Funen (to the northwest).

Jeres arrangement kan afholdes enten på Fyn, Jylland, Sjælland eller hos Segway Langeland, da de gerne kører ud.

Det er op til jer, hvad der passer bedst ind i jeres program.

en date dk Langeland

This cargo turned out to be a weapons cache including 11,000 Männlicher rifles brought from the Steyr works in Austria; 9,000 ex-German army Mausers; 4,600 Italian Vetterli-Vitali rifles; and 5 million rounds of ammunition in clips of five.There are connections by car ferry to the islands of Lolland, Ærø, and Strynø.Rudkøbing, the island's largest town, is the birthplace of famous physicist and chemist Hans Christian Ørsted, his brother, Anders Sandøe Ørsted, a former Danish prime minister, and their nephew, botanist Anders Sandøe Ørsted.Siden 2011 har Langeland Kommune været operatør for Udlændingestyrelsens asylcentre i dele af landet.Netop nu driver de 11 centre, men i den seneste perioder har flere negative events raseret omkring centrene.

En date dk Langeland

Although the project originally involved 4 fishermen, most of the local fishermen are now part of it by delivering their fish to the joint company.More recently, the fishermen applied for a third extension of their project to purchase a mobile fish shop in order to supply fish to private customers who live too far away from Bagenkop.Danish customs officials suspected that the cargo might have contained weapons to arm militant Icelandic home rulers who sought independence from Denmark. en date dk Langeland-61en date dk Langeland-73 However the SS Fanny cut loose, escaped in a gale and sailed out of Danish territorial waters.Unhappy with this situation, four fishermen from Bagenkop Harbour (on the southern tip of Langeland island) got together and, with the support of the local FLAG, decided to create a company, “Bagenkop Fisk”, which would cater for both retail and wholesale.

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