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Excavations continued at Tønnesminde the following summer as a continuation of the 2014 excavation.

dating sites danmark Samsø

Interest in the Tønnesminde area resumed in 2010 with a metal detector survey launched by Moesgaard Museum and Samsø Museum in the hopes of learning more about Viking Age military establishments on Samsø and finding sites for additional excavations.While the investigation in 1999 did not reveal any Viking Age artifacts, subsequent excavations at Tønnesminde have found significant evidence of a Viking Age settlement.The 2014 excavation unearthed spindle whorls, glass beads, loom weights, whetstones, iron rivets, and iron knives in presumably Viking Age pit houses.The Kanhave Canal, which has been dated to 726 CE (before the beginning of the Viking Age) based on the wood used for its construction, indicates the importance of the island in the Viking Age, since construction of the 500m canal would have required centralized planning, extensive manual labor, and significant funding.While the Kanhave Canal indicates a Viking Age presence on the island, the lack of additional Viking Age evidence does not allow characterization of this presence.

Dating sites danmark Samsø

The excavation in 1999 investigated several pits cautiously attributed to the Pre-Roman Iron Age based on ceramics characteristic of this period.The pits also contained flint flakes, but because the flint collection likely contained older pieces, they were difficult to date.A trial excavation composed of five trial trenches began at Tønnesminde on March 24, 2014 and revealed remains from Pre-Roman Iron Age and Viking Age settlements. dating sites danmark Samsø-55dating sites danmark Samsø-4 In June and July 2014, archaeologists from Moesgaard Museum and Aarhus University as well as students from Harvard excavated three separate trenches, totaling an area of 1100 m², and examined four pit houses, one three-aisled long house, and numerous pits and postholes.A pit house investigated in 2015 was identified as a Viking Age smithy.

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