Dating dk gratis Ærø

There are some burial mounds on the island, as well as an old Ting place. Burial mounds, passage graves, and dolmens bear witness of human activity through more than 10,000 years.As for its more recent history, the period of the duchies is of special interest.As of January 2013, the solar plant covers an area of 33,300 m2 as a result of an extension under the Sunstore 4 project.

dating dk gratis Ærø

28 January 2015 - The EU Horizon 2020 administration has confirmed that the 17 million € application for a demonstration E-ferry is now in the state of Grant Agreement - meaning that the partners in the Horizon application now have 3 months to finish contracting for the subsidies.It enjoys a higher number of sunshine hours than the average for the rest of Denmark, and the year-round temperature is also a few degrees above the national average. partnerchats kostenlos Freiburg im Breisgau At Olde Mølle, at one of Ærø's highest points and near the centre of the island, the sculptor Erik Brandt has created a "peace bench", conceived with the intention of providing people with an opportunity to survey the island and its surrounding sea, whilst pondering on the theme of world peace.The ferry is to be completed in 2017 with Søby Værft as contractor.Ærø is the only island among the larger Danish Baltic Sea islands that is not connected with a bridge, and road traffic is generally low.

Dating dk gratis Ærø

The countryside is for the most part gently undulating, and there is a several-kilometre-long stretch of 33-metre-high cliffs at Voderup Klint on the west coast.With its generally low traffic density, Ærø is a popular destination for hikers and cyclists.In 1629 the main town of Ærøskøbing burnt down in a great fire.Until 1864, Ærø was part of the Danish Duchy of Schleswig – the area of Schleswig/Southern Jutland is now divided between Denmark (Northern Schleswig) and Germany (Southern Schleswig).Ærø measures roughly 20 km from northwest to southeast and varies in width from around 4 to 8 km.

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There are three small towns on the island: the largest is Marstal with a population of 2,266. Fourteen villages and a number of farms complete the island's pattern of settlement.

King Christian IV's cousin, also named Christian, was the Duke of Ærø from 1622 to 1633, and lived with his concubine Cathrine Griebels at Gråsten Manor House.

When the Duke died, a banner was found at Gråsten composed of nine pieces of cloth and in three colours – body colour, sea green, and golden yellow.

More than 2,000 islanders (a third of the island) travelled to Copenhagen to protest the closing of the historic school.

Ultimately, the government allowed the Maritime School to remain open. It provides a third of Marstal's power consumption.

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