Dating d Tønder

Yet, mountains of documents and scores of people claim the last place Hitler saw before death took him was Argentina.

dating d Tønder

Similar documents reveal a series of similar sightings in those days in the area of Necochea, San Clemente del Tuy and Balneario Reta.The Lahusen organisation had been run by a family from Bremen since at least the turn of the century. fickdates finden Stuttgart It was operated from seven floors of offices in the centre of Buenos Aires, owned 100,000 hectares of land in Patagonia and adjacent regions, had a store in nearly every village and employed staff numbering tens of thousands.In spite of the intense secrecy under which he lived, many saw and even worked for Hitler."Revealed" will present the disturbing possibility that one of the world's most evil men was allowed to live out his final years in utter tranquility.

Dating d Tønder

The Lahusen organisation had a network of shops, warehouses and ranches throughout Patagonia and ran the espionage network in Argentina.The police reports -and the police knew all about what was going on- describe at length the evidence of how two submarines unloaded into lorries drawn up on the beach, after which the lorries then drove into a nearby Lahusen ranch.A carload of plain-clothes police arrived next day and entered the property to question the occupants. dating d Tønder-30dating d Tønder-3 They were then "violently ejected" by four Germans brandishing machine pistols.Nobody can prove anything because all the factual evidence, especially the one found in Russia was never verified.

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