Dating app danmark Vordingborg

Archaeologists in the Danish town of Vordingborg have every reason to be excited.During a recent excavation of the moat surrounding the Vordingborg Castle ruins, they came across a fallen castle tower and a rowboat from the Middle Ages.Vordingborg is situated 37 km from Nykøbing Falster, roughly 50 km from Gedser, and roughly 100 km from Copenhagen and Odense.

dating app danmark Vordingborg

A historic garden is also located on the site of the ruin.The fish was probably used for feeding the staff, and some of it may also have ended up on the king’s dining table.Despite its old age, the boat from Vordingborg is incredibly well-preserved.Connecting is a 100% free Denmark dating site for singles in Denmark and worldwide. Make new friends, find dates, mates, and soulmates in Denmark.

Dating app danmark Vordingborg

The name comes from the golden goose perched on top of the tower's spire.Legend has it that Valdemar Atterdag used the symbol to taunt the Hanseatic League. It is not certain what was on top of the tower before 1871 and maybe it was just a weather vane made of gold.Long term head coach of the Danish national football team, Morten Olsen, was born in Vordingborg.On January 1, 2007 the old Vordingborg municipality was, as the result of Kommunalreformen ("The Municipal Reform" of 2007), merged with Langebæk, Møn, and Præstø municipalities to form an enlarged Vordingborg municipality.The only fully remaining part of the castle, the 26 meter tall Goose Tower (Gåsetårnet), is the symbol of the city.

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It is the largest of King Valdemar Atterdag's nine main castle towers.Perhaps the little vessel was only used for fishing, but it may also have been on little pleasure trips on the moat with dignitaries on board.Jensen explains that if the moat was full of fish traps, then maybe there have been staff members at the castle whose job it was to look after them.The boat may have been used for inspecting such fences.“A moat has other purposes than just to defend the castle,” he says.“We can see in later written sources that many moats contained fish traps, and it was possible to catch fish directly from the boat.But pictures from the period also reveal that high-status people could go for a ride in a rowboat.” The archaeologist says that finding a boat in a moat is special, since then you know that it has sailed there and you can guess what it has been used for.

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