Date danmark Ishøj

When you stay at our hotel in Ishøj, you get: Down towards Ishøj harbor, you will be able to relax in the pleasant surroundings and experience the charm of Ishøj.If you wish to enjoy an afternoon in a different environment, get some fresh air, and perhaps an ice cream after a long day of sightseeing in Copenhagen, then the harbor is a perfect place to be.

date danmark Ishøj

Here they are on first name with the hosts, and because of the spectacular view from the rooms on the 8th and 9th floors.Complete this form and our booking department will contact you as soon as possible! Following which, any items with visible serial numbers, such as electronics, jewelry and other valuables are handed over to the police’s lost property office. If you have forgotten something at the hotel, please notify us by e-mail [email protected] e-mail should include information such as your name, the date of your stay, name of the hotel, and the room number.The hotel is just 500 meters from the highway, making it easy to arrive by car.If you do arrive by car, you can use the large, free parking lot by the shopping mall (ignore the 3 hour time restriction; you can stay there all day and night). Ishøj station is located in extension to Ishøj shopping mall and in the same building as the hotel.

Date danmark Ishøj

Across the road from the harbor is the modern and highly acclaimed Arken art museum, which is definitely worth a visit.The art museum has a beautiful collection of modern art from the Nordic countries. In that case, you can safely choose Zleep Hotel Ishøj.The breakfast can be purchased separately, allowing you to choose whether you want to eat at the hotel or elsewhere. date danmark Ishøj-52date danmark Ishøj-41date danmark Ishøj-59 We make sure that the breakfast is varied and that there is plenty of good and healthy breakfast products for you.The hotel rooms on the 9th floor were renovated in 2015, and the remaining rooms on the 8th floor will soon follow.

No matter which room you book, you will have access to free high-speed Wi Fi, a flat screen TV, your own shower and a quality bed. In extension to the reception, you will find the breakfast restaurant where we serve a simple and tasty breakfast buffet.FN’s flygtningeorganisation, UNHCR, vurderer, at antallet af klimaflygtninge vil være 50 mio. Det er ikke kun op til regeringer og koncerner at holde fokus på dette problem - også vi som individer kan gøre en forskel.Følg Europa-kommisionens 10 anbefalinger for mindre ressourceforbrug.From the station, you can easily get to and from all of Copenhagen with trains and busses.It takes about 20 minutes to get to central Copenhagen from the hotel.

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