Tibco ems single threaded

If you have not, refer to Chapter 1, "Overview of Creating Oracle CEP Applications" for details.The simplest way to create and configure a JMS adapter is using the Oracle CEP IDE for Eclipse adapter wizard.You can use the IIOP Web Logic client by starting Oracle Web Logic Server with the command-line argument.This is a server-wide setting that is independent of the JMS code being used (whether it is one of the provided adapters or custom JMS code).

For more information, see Section 7.1.1, "JMS Service Providers".Oracle CEP provides the following Java Message Service (JMS) adapters that you can use in your event applications to send and receive messages to and from a JMS destination, respectively, without writing any Java code: The Oracle CEP JMS adapters support any Java EE compliant JMS service provider that provides a Java client.This chapter describes how to configure the Oracle CEP JMS inbound and outbound adapters for use with the following JMS service providers: If your JMS service provider is not in this list, you can still configure Oracle CEP JMS adapters for use with your JMS service provider.To configure a JMS adapter for Tibco EMS JMS manually: element to integrate the JMS adapter into the event processing network.Typically, an inbound JMS adapter is the first stage in an EPN (because it receives messages) and an outbound JMS adapter would be in a later stage (because it sends messages).

Tibco ems single threaded

Note that publisher might be the Oracle CEP outbound JMS adapter (in other words, its The outbound JMS adapter sends events to a JMS destination, automatically converting the event into a JMS map message by matching property names with the event type.Typically, you also customize this conversion by writing your own Java class to specify exactly how you want the event types to be converted into outgoing JMS messages.To configure JMS adapters for Oracle Web Logic Server JMS manually: Oracle CEP supports TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS) version 4.2.0 or higher.To use the Tibco EMS JMS provider, you must add the following Tibco EMS client JAR files to the Oracle CEP server library directory: You can manually configure the built-in JMS inbound and outbound adapter to use the Tibco EMS JMS provider.To improve scalability, you can configure an inbound JMS adapter to use multiple threads to read messages from the JMS destination.

The simplest way to do this is to configure the adapter with a work manager.Review the procedure in Section 7.2.4, "How to Configure a JMS Adapter for Tibco EMS JMS Manually" as a configuration model, consult your JMS service provider documentation, and adapt this procedure to suit your JMS service provider.For more information, see Section 7.2, "Configuring a JMS Adapter for a JMS Service Provider".That is, the inbound JMS adapter uses a single thread to read messages from the JMS destination.When the inbound JMS adapter is single-threaded, event order is guaranteed.

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