Single treff goch

Turns out that the toy shop Kinderparadeis had installed a pink elephant kiddie ride outside the shop and it wasn't an hallucination after all: PDT_Xtremez_08: Sh1t me too! The majority have too many appointments with their PS2's or have to watch the whole series of CSI Miami or Friends instead. I went there once and it was rubbish, all the teccys were scared of us lot , but we give the ****as a good kiking anyways, and taught them not to fcuk with the corps.

Bratties, Fricks, Pomme Frittes, 'Bitburger ein bit bitte', Mosel Valley, Alkauf, Tref Centre Venlo, Schnell Imbiss at Wilders and Bruggen, Gutersloh, Legoland, Rhein D Naafi, Astra Cinemas, BFBS, John Peel Show, Minus 25, VW Scirroco, Tacevals, Maxivals, 2ATAF, Tiger Meet, TAM78', Hangar parties, Weisbaden BX, Dutch PX, Pembrokes, F4s, 19 Sqn, Autobahns, Berlin, Checkpoint Charlie, Russian sector, Helmstedt train,survival scrambles,nukes, Hannen Alt,petrol coupons, Neddy1, Porn, Roermond Peacock Rice Tafel for Two, Dutch pussy(smackt lekker goed)King Ted Cigars, Townsend Thorsen Roll over ferries, More Porn, Garmish, Lido De Jes, Snoopy's, Mally, Air Ops, Mexe Pads, Tick Test, Harz Mountains,cheap sex in 'Gladbach, Balkan Platter,blue light taxis.........sleep........hooter... Some people say that this is down to the modern day liney being more responsible and money wise. listen in beefburger, yous dont no anything about exercises.

Crates of Bitburger or Wobbly (twenty 500ml bottles for less than the equivalent of a fiver and you got money back on the empties).Who could forget “The street of 1000 bars’ in Mounchenglabach or getting Pi$$ed in ‘Aussie Square’ in Rourmond?Fighting with the RAOC Dikes in Pops and Eddies or the Queensway club at JHQ just because you eyed up their ‘girlfriend’.I have never worn my uniform so many times on a Saturday morning in my life (that is if waking up in uniform with a bad head counts). Rugby tours to Alborg, Frankfurt, Canada, Berlin, or anywhere! Right listen in yous neva punchded none of us Rocks, yous only punchedd there fist with your face. Best Restuarant - Schindel Deel, Guetersloh (now closed) Best Ices - Alpago's, Weeze Best Steak - Argentina Steakhouse, Goch Best Beer - any Wobbly, Union, Dortmunder, Baeren, Grolsch, Heiney, Herfey, Paulaner - ANY! ' - only for him to empty out out 18lbs of lead at the end of the game. Going out on the shed with a hire van to Hannover, vomitting at the traffic lights and feeling much better.Gutersloh 86-90 Wobbly, Mally Girls (almost married one!!!! "The Deafen Inn" : PDT_Xtremez_42: Indeed, I missed the slammer too and gawd knows how many others! Getting left in the doorway at home with Pete 'The Cat' Arnold ringing the bell, and running away as he didn't want to get a bollocking from my missus.

Single treff goch

), petrol coupons, tax free cars, skiing, kegelbahn, complete lack of ISO9000, Ii P etc, a stn cdr who could keep up with the rest in the bar (many will remember staggering out of combined Offs'/Sgts' Mess drinks straight into a Taceval Pt 1), camaraderie, a sense of purpose, a few crashes :(, APC dets to Deci, Berlin trips!!! Dave Albarn's Hitler moustache and costume at a fancy dress party, Simmo as a huge zip, Gary Morris knocking himself on a doorframe after spinning the broom, shaving off Stumpy Tony's eyebrow a week before his wedding. These are just a few the memories I shall have forever, great days, great times..., the ability to actually launch a significant number of aircraft, field deployments complete with a four tonner stacked with beer,etc etc. I've just remembered the civvy airline that use to fly from Gut direct to Manchester, then a 1 hour drive home to Liverpool, aces.So if you served in RAFG post your memories on here and lets bore the youngsters to death. The Chicken Inn outside the Mess served the best Chicken Curry and Chips in the World. : PDT_Xtremez_30: When I was in Germany...'93-'96, Bruggen, never worked a Friday afternoon, except on shift, drank more, shagged more, travelled more, had more BBQ's, made more friends, went to more fest's(Cochem, Koblenz, Munich etc...),had more money, more parties and got arrested more, than rest rest of my life. D Roermond lakes for naughty topless girls everywhere.: PDT_Xtremez_15: When I was in Germany, I was at Laarbruch 89-92 and Bruggen 94-97 Young free and single with all that extra cash in my pocket (which soon got ****ed up the wall) Dirt cheap alcohol, top food, dirty women in certain establishments : PDT_Xtremez_30: Best two postings I think I've had in the RAF. Brilliant…So much more…Berlin the day after the wall went down! Single treff goch-66Single treff goch-12Single treff goch-2 Each post should start with ‘ When I was in Germany……”When I was in Germany, I was at Gutersloh! The Club 47 was a pick up joint for Wives who's husbands were away - isn't every NAAFI Bop? Oh yes and having a good laugh watching Dads Army, sorry I meant to say the Station Augmentation Force deploying into the site. Great times, I always remember ordering my first beer as a 19 year old in the Mally. The Damns just an hour away, next to a small village called…Warstein! Driving down the “2” at anything from 100mph to 5 mph passing all those Eastie Beasties…Discovering for the first time the delights that are the PX! It almost impossible to explain to anyone who was not there just how good it was.Before all of us old Cold War Warriors PVR or take redundancy we should fill this tread full of memories of Germany tours.

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