Single regeneration budget

§ The first problem to which I wish to refer is poverty.

I possess rather more precise information about the London situation than about the country as a whole.

But it may be worth commenting that, given the number of times training and enterprise councils are mentioned, only in recent weeks South Thames Training and Enterprise Council had the receivers called in and will now be abolished—so much for the weight given by the Government to the project when the single regeneration budget was first proposed.

§ If one studies the proposals carefully, it seems to me, at least as regards London—I am conscious that this debate is not merely about London but is intended to cover the whole country—that the Government have actually been contorting themselves to devise ways to make up for the absence of local government covering London. § The main thrust of what I want to say relates to what I see as the disadvantages, difficulties and defects of the single regeneration budget, of which I have quite a long list.

Single regeneration budget

But it is right that I should at least mention the main problems; it is those problems which government policy ought to address and it is those problems which ought to be alleviated by the single regeneration budget.There will be a phasing-in of the SRB as the others are phased out. internet dating Mönchengladbach § Nevertheless, the best estimates that one can make are that over the next five years there will be a 25 per cent. In addition to the bids included in these tables, there were a further 73 successful and 87 unsuccessful bids which covered more than one local authority area.The original objectives were to improve employment prospects, address social exclusion, promote sustainable regeneration, protect the environment and infrastructure, and support and promote economic growth.

Single regeneration budget

As part of this, the various monies for each RDA were pooled.rose to call attention, in the light of the problems of inner cities, to the working of the single regeneration budget; and to move for Papers.I hope therefore that noble Lords will forgive me if I do not statistically sweep the country. § It is estimated that there are 1 million Londoners living in poverty—that is, people on income support and low pay. § When one talks about the health situation in London, we find that one in seven children in London now suffer from asthma —an illness which has increased enormously in recent years.A third of the children in London are apparently poor enough to receive free school meals. Since 1979 there has been a massive reduction in the building of homes by local authorities throughout the country—perhaps one of the largest of all reductions in government spending over the past 16 years. Noble Lords will be aware of the cuts in the National Health Service; the closure of Bart's and Guys hospitals; the crisis facing the London Ambulance Service, and the fact that From July to September last year over 3,700 patients had operations cancelled.In some boroughs—Tower Hamlets and Hackney—half the children receive them but even in so-called wealthy Westminster, a quarter of the children are on free school meals. There are over 30,000 families in London in temporary accommodation who have been accepted as homeless by the local boroughs. And we see people sleeping in the streets on a scale which was quite unknown to us before this Government took office. of the crimes in London are classified as violent, and that is the highest figure in England. § Let me turn to the disadvantages facing ethnic minorities, including refugees.

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