Single hammock vs double

CCF is available at a reasonable price and by-the-yard at many local upholstery shops.

The RR requires a bigger tarp in warm weather compared to what you can get by with on the BB/XLC (a winter tarp would be the same size for either RR or BB/XLC). As seen in the ratings, the DL’s can handle more weight than a SL made from matching fabric, but the DL’s also give the ability to place a sleeping pad between the layers. Pads are somewhat unruly under your torso and placing them inside the double layer generally makes them easier to sleep on, but even with the double layer, pads will still be somewhat uncomfortable as they will still bend and buckle and poke and feel too narrow in an end-gathered style of hammock (like the Blackbird or XLC) and so the most comfortable option by far is an underquilt if you can afford one.A Bridge-style hammock (like our Ridgerunner) is a different style of hammock that does work very well with a pad, in the RR a pad will be just as comfortable as an underquilt will be.If using an air pad be sure to let about half the air out for comfort.Some people use closed cell foam pads which will generally have a higher warmth-to-weight ratio than an air pad although they are much bulkier when packed.

Single hammock vs double

For more information on under quilts see Bottom Insulation 101 Fabric Weight: 1.1 or 1.7, what do the numbers mean?This number refers to the weight of the fabric only, the 1.7 fabric being a heavier, stronger, more durable fabric than the lighter 1.1 fabric.It does not refer to the weight or weight capacity of the hammock itself.For instance a single layer 1.7 is made of the heavier more durable fabric, but since it is a single layer it is lighter than the double layer 1.1.In contrast, the single 1.7, and double 1.1 Blackbirds are going to provide great support and comfort for your weight, the double 1.7 Blackbird is overkill for you if you’re trying to go lightweight and you won’t see any increase in comfort by stepping up to that model, but it’s a great option for someone more concerned with durability than with packweight.

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175-200 LBS: Single layer 1.7, double layer 1.1, double layer 1.7 and double layer Ridgerunner.

The space between the layers of the BB and XLC is the same size as the hammock body itself and can handle just about any sized standard camping pad up to the size of the Exped 9 .

Some folks like inflateable pads over closed cell foam.

The BB vs XLC…These are basically the same model, with the XLC being longer and having a removable top.

The BB is good for someone up to 6′, and the XLC up to 6’6″, however folks 5’10” and above will normally have noticeably more comfort in the longer XLC, so if max comfort is a major consideration, folks 5’10-11″ should go with the longer XLC even though they could fit in the standard BB unless they are willing to give up a little comfort for the weight savings of the smaller model.

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