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During the Thirty Years' War, Demmin was occupied by imperial forces from 1627 to 1630, In the Weimar Republic Demmin was a stronghold of the nationalistic organisations DNVP and the Stahlhelm.Even before 1933 there were boycotts of Jewish businesses, which drove away most of the Jews and the synagogue was sold in June 1938 at a furniture company, which is why it survived as a building today.The region was very suitable for a settlement and was important due to its location at the crossing of rivers and trade roads.During the struggle between the Veleti and the Franks, a border castle was erected by Lutici Circipanians at the dawn of the 10th century. It controlled the Eastern parts of Circipania, a territory that stretched to Güstrow in the west. Demmin was a stronghold of the West Slav Circipanes during the Middle Ages.

The timid and the fainthearted, and the people that expect quick results, are doomed to disappointment." According to W.During that night and the following morning, Demmin was handed over to the Red Army largely without fighting, similar to other cities like Greifswald. suche ficktreffen Frankfurt am Main Rapes, pillage and executions committed by Red Army soldiers triggered a mass suicide of hundreds of people and nearly all of the Old Town was burned down by the Red Army.In 1075, Adam of Bremen reported a fight over the castle at Dimine.In the course of history, the name changed, and sources refer to Dymine and Dimin, Latinized to Dyminium, finally Demmyn, and since 1320 the town has been known under its present spelling Demmin.

Single demmin

Like most of Pomeranian areas aside the larger coastal Hanse cities, the character of Demmin and its surrounding areas remained rural and dominated by agriculture until today, even though Demmin had been a member of the Hanse league because of the rivers (e.g.the Peene River) connecting this area to the Baltic coast.Demmin lies on the West Pomeranian plain at the confluence of the rivers Peene, Tollense and Trebel. Single demmin-6Single demmin-61Single demmin-67 Lake Kummerow and the Bay of Stettin (Oderhaff) may be reached by boat on the Peene, Neubrandenburg via Altentreptow on by-roads and cycleways. On February 13 1939 Hitler left Berlin for Friedrichsruh where he placed a wreath at Bismarck’s grave.

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