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Josef Wiegand, the owner, envisioned the idea of creating a roller coaster-type ride for ski resorts that would take advantage of the topography of the land, rather than building the structure to create the elevation changes that traditional roller coasters require.

The company installed its first coaster under the "Alpine Coaster" trademark in 1997.

Riders are advised to place their hands on the brakes at all times for safety reasons.

Kinder von 0 – 3,9 Jahre frei, von 4 – 6,9 Jahre € 29,- (3 Nächte) bzw. Thus, an alpine coaster isn't necessarily safer due to the jerky movements the cart makes as it navigates its way on a fixed track.Alpine coasters are undoubtedly slower than an alpine slide since alpine coasters have speed regulated carts that prevent a rider from experiencing the track at full speed.Riders can opt for slower leisurely run or with minimal or no braking for faster thrilling rides.Most cars are equipped with centrifugal brake system that controls its maximum speed by limiting the rotational speed of the run rollers.

Single abtenau

15 – 22 m², mit Bad/Dusche und WC, Föhn, Telefon, Sat-TV, W-Lan, Safe. Maximalbelegung = 2 Erwachsene 1 Kind bis 14,9 Jahre. Parkplatz ist beim Hotel nach Verfügbarkeit kostenlos. Hochstühle und Gitterbetten kostenlos (nach Verfügbarkeit). Newer generation coasters are equipped with an anti-collision system that automatically apply the brakes if the rider gets too close to the car ahead.To secure the riders on their seats, each car is equipped with a three-point safety belt for the rider and a lap belt for the passenger.All mountain coaster tracks are devised for easy installation, with minimal impact to the topsoil and environment, as most tracks are built close to the ground, taking advantage of the natural elevation of the terrain. Tracks are constructed of aluminum or stainless steel for low maintenance and durability.

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Closed-loop tracks include a lift system during the course of the ride.Riders are responsible to observe a safe distance as a common courtesy to the riders in front.Each car is equipped with shock-absorbing front and rear bumpers in case of collision, which occurs when riders are driving too fast and not leaving enough space for braking distance.Tracks are usually tubular rails, like a steel roller coasters, while some have monorail-type tracks.Unlike a traditional roller coaster, the rider has the capability to control the car's speed with its rider-controlled brake system.

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