Møte single bergen

Heterotrophic algae are single-celled algae that grow using oxygen and a source of carbon (such as plant by-products).

Møte single bergen

Nofima has also studied whether the algae meal is suitable for ensuring a high technical fillet quality of the salmon.The digestibility of protein was equal in all feeds, and the digestibility of fat was highest for the feed with 1% algae meal. netdating for unge Aarhus Micromatrix analysis shows the activities of thousands of genes at the same time, and is considered to be a reliable measurement method for effects on health.Experiments at Nofima have shown that a type of algae known as “heterotrophic algae” can fully replace fish oil in feed used for small salmon.‒ We need further sources of omega-3, and heterotrophic algae are one of very few real possibilities at the moment.The algae meal that we have tested contains nutrients that salmon need.

Møte single bergen

Nofima signed a collaboration agreement with Alltech in 2012, covering work with alternative sources of feed.The collaboration is particularly focussed onto the use of microalgae in fish feed, and the work presented here is one result of the collaboration. Fish oil is an ideal source of omega-3 in salmon feed, but the capacity to produce farmed salmon using fish oil as the main source of omega-3 in feed is limited, if the farmed salmon itself is to remain a rich source of omega-3.This means that the salmon feed industry needs access to large volumes of new ingredients that contain omega-3.The salmon increased their intake of food when it contained algae, which suggests that the algae does not inhibit appetite.

The amount of the long-chained marine omega-3 fatty acids in the fillets was higher in salmon that had received the algae meal than it was in salmon that had been given fish oil as their only source of these fatty acids.

The amount of gaping in the fillets was also the same.

The algae meal has a high content of short-chain saturated fatty acids, and it is precisely these fatty acids that make palm oil suitable as a technical stabiliser in fish feed.

Nofima has been commissioned by Alltech, one of the largest companies in the world in the field of animal health and nutrition, to test one of its algae meals.

The alga in this meal is a member of the Schizochytrium family, and is extremely rich in omega-3.

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