The 2017 Innovations in Testing Conference brought together brilliant speakers, enlightening sponsors and engaged attendees which helped make the 2017 Innovations in Testing Conference a huge success!

As the leading industry conference, Innovations in Testing 2017 brought together a record attendance of more than 1250 assessment industry professionals from 26 countries representing Clinical, Industrial/Organizational, Certification/Licensure, Education and Workforce Skills Credentialing practice areas.


Турниры Большого Шлема хотя и учитываются в календаре АТП-тура и имеют максимальный вес при подсчете рейтинга АТП, не принадлежат АТП и формально не являются частью тура.Die Zusammenarbeit aller ist das Wesen der Integralen Planung, nicht die bloße Zuarbeit einzelner. Online flirtspiel anime Denn was heute zählt, sind interdisziplinäre Ergebnisse und nicht die Erfüllung einzelner Leistungsbilder.For more information on this important topic, download the press release from the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.The Association of Test Publishers (ATP) and its members are taking an active stance to address the conflicting messages around the value and the use of standardized testing. Purchase an Exclusive Digital Pass to view Keynote Presentations, Featured Sessions,and more all from the comfort of your own home or office.


ATP members are the leading publishers and assessment service providers in today's testing industry who are committed to encouraging international strategies which advance the position of the industry, its technology, and the science that supports it.[Contact us: ATP Inquiries] When you join ATP you are part of an international network of members committed to advancing the integrity of assessment services and products and their value to a global society.ATP рейтинг теннисистов на сегодня является самым значимым в мире большого тенниса.Справка: Вы на странице рейтинга ATP вид спорта Теннис.This was once again a premier conference where industry professionals learned from each other, networked with colleagues and discovered the latest innovations in the testing industry.

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ATP is a global, nonprofit organization representing providers of tests and assessment tools and/or services related to assessment for clinical, occupational, certification, licensure, educational or other similar professional measurement uses.

S., reaffirming that "participation in assessments (is) critical for expanding educational opportunity for all students".

Twelve national civil and human rights groups announced their opposition to anti-testing efforts springing up across the country that are discouraging students from taking standardized tests and subverting the validity of data about educational outcomes.

Сезон АТП примерно соответствует календарному году, первые соревнования тура проводятся в начале января, завершающий турнир — Кубок Мастерс в ноябре. В России ежегодно проводятся два турнира АТП-тура — Кубок Кремля и Открытый чемпионат Санкт-Петербурга.

Рейтинг АТП — официальная, еженедельно обновляемая система подсчета достижений спортсменов.

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